Most Famous Korean fashion 2015

Most Famous Korean Fashion Designer Brands

Most Famous Korean fashion elegantAs part of South Korea goal of providing professional Korean fashion to around the world, fashion in Korea started finding good Korean designer brands on frequent basis. Korean dresses appeals to a woman’s desires for ingenuous designs if you want to keep up with the most up-to-date Korean fashion designs and styles. From a dark blue calfskin coat with textured faux-fur sleeves to a cream-colored shearling jacket that hit mid-thigh, the designer grabbed the minimalist, unisex atmospheres presently style through the fashion arena, tied with a juvenile delinquent – spirit. A set of skillfully tailored, easily on-trend pieces came down the runway.

With countless fashion brand names and influences to select from, you can choose a few of best and most awesome Korean fashion clothing. While we were looking for and gathering the brands’ reports, we are encouraged that they are certified enough to fulfill the requirements and styles of worldwide fashion lovers. Cindy Hahn, executive director of Concept Korea and former organizer of Seoul Fashion Week, Korean fashion started bring in worldwide enthusiasm after That One Song, which zeroed in on the city’s Comme des Garcons and audacious logo design tee – wearing young people. We will keep figuring out lots of different kinds of ‘good Korean fashion’ series based on various styles or classifications.

Most Famous Korean fashion 2015

  1. Wish

The Korean dresses and accessories brand name “wish”, one that is dynamic and sensible but does not overlook the girly side of points, was born. Targeting women in their late teenagers and 20’s who chase their targets and optimisms, the brand’s principle is trendy-chic and sporty-casual.

  1. Slog

The brand name represents “advancement comfortably and design”, Slog (sports + lounge), with its day-to-day wear can be thought about a “one-mile wear” brand (comfy clothing to be worn close to home or short trips) that assembles active women’s life sphere. As the mixed interest for both elegance and wellness is growing, now the brand like Slog is targeting to be a top innovator in the market.

  1. Doho

Doho provides the strategy in an authentic viewpoint by pursuing an exclusive sexy design that emphasizes styles that makes the dazzling moments in one’s life precious.

  1. Couronne

Couronne intends to offer the customer, who is tired of day-to-day life, fresh and cool dress, sneakers, and accessories. Counronne’s illustrative points are “peace of mind” and “one-of-a-kind”. The brand name integrates the visual appeals of clarity, timeless chic, and splendid colors to create a new class brand in contemporary high-end. This fulfills customer’s two motives for advanced colors, and simple smart designs with the most suitable materials.

  1. Judy and Joshua

They have a cutting-edge classic design, they are receptive to latest things, but are still pursuing their integral minimalist path. Judy and Joshua’s specialty is combining business and aesthetic appeals to reinterpret a minimalist appearance. While they are committed to design, they additionally include shapes with speculative design and various patterns.

  1. Lucky Chouette

Lucky Chouette was introduced with the purpose to keep the wit of the girly and vintage shape of Jardin de Chouette and to have public appearance. Lucky Chouette is the second line from the Jardin de Chouette fashion designer Jae Hyun Kim introduced in 2009.  If you want to get more information about Baju Korea Online, visit

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